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Who We Are

• Yeaman Machine Technologies, Inc (incorporated in 2001) is a manufacturer
  and integrator of packaging/process automation equipment for primarily
  the Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

• We are a global company that is centrally located, 15 minutes from
  O’hare International Airport just outside of Chicago, IL

• We are dedicated to providing our customers with solutions to their
  production needs and to building mutually beneficial long term
  relationships with them.

The YEAMAN History

• The Yeaman name has been associated with packaging automation for over 30 years. William Yeaman, Sr. was the President of Clybourn Machine Company from the early 1970’s until 1983 and during that tenure installed more cartoning lines for Fortune 500 Companies than any other manufacturer of packaging machinery. In fact, many of these machines are still in service today, a testament to the simplicity and reliability of the design.

• William Yeaman, Jr (President of Yeaman Machine Technologies) started at Clybourn Machine company in 1974 installing and servicing many of the same production lines mentioned above. Bill, Jr worked his way up through Clybourn to become the Manufacturing Manager prior to leaving with his Dad in 1984 to form the Yeaman Packaging Group(YPG). YPG installed many Horizontal Cartoners, Vertical Cartoners and Casepackers over the next 10 years for companies such as: Colgate-Palmolive, Proctor&Gamble, Dial Corp., M&M Mars, The Quaker Oats Company, Nabisco, GE, and Ralston Purina.

• In 1994 YPG was sold to Triangle Packaging Machinery.

• At the end of 2000, Bill left Triangle and incorporated Yeaman Machine Technologies, Inc. Our business has steadily grown each year and we find ourselves once again working with many of the same Fortune 500 Companies and Copackers that we did at YPG. We have also diversified our product line beyond just cartoning expertise as many of our customers have asked us to build custom machine solutions to fit an ever changing, dynamic business environment.

• Our Core Team consists of industry professionals with a minimum of 10 to 30 years of experience in designing, building, installing and servicing packaging and process automation machinery. Please give us a call and let our experience and knowledge work for you.

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